Please complete the form on this website and submit it. The joining fee is 150 AED and the annual fees are 300 AED.

  • How does one get to know about the events?

E-mail will be sent out to the entire membership at least 1-2 weeks prior to the event giving information about the event, the speaker and the venue.

  • Where does the Forum have its meeting and how often?

The Forum meets on an average every three weeks and the events area held at different locations around the city including Deira, Knowledge Village and Academic City.

  • Who regulates the THRF?

The THRF is regulated by a Committee comprising of members of the forum who volunteer their services to the committee every year.

  • How can I become a member of the Committee?

Committee members are selected at the Annual General Meeting every year. Nomination forms will be circulated just before the AGM and you can volunteer at that time.

  • Can I bring a guest for the events?

Members are encouraged to bring guests to the events. A guest fee of 100 AED will be charged to cover incidental costs.

  • What kind of events does the THRF hosts?

The Forum hosts events that cover topics of relevance to the Human Resources community in Dubai. This would be in the form of visiting guest speakers, local experts in the community, workshops on specialised skills, debates and discussions on current topics and presentations on local trends in business.

  • Whom can I contact to suggest an event or speaker or for any other queries?

For all THRF related suggestions, queries and feedback, please contact administrator@thrf.ae who will then circulate the information to the committee members.