THRIVING IN THE FUTURE! 7 Secrets and much more! BY Tariq Qureishy

By attending this event you will find the answers to the following:

  • How do top CEOs and executives lead during this exponential age?

  • How do you manage the explosion of information and onslaught of increasing competition?

  • How do you sort through the abundance of opportunity and prevent getting burned out?

  • How do you maintain agility during today’s tsunami of change?

Discover the 7 secrets of thriving in the future.

Turn the meaning of VUCA upside down.

60:40:20 rule will change your perspective and have practical tools.

1. Tariq believes "Only the MAD will Thrive", the working title of his next book. 2. He is living his life upside down… and friends and family tell him that he has hit mid-life crisis by becoming an entrepreneur rather than relaxing and start planning for his retirement. He is a maverick, living on the edge and has re-invented himself at least 3 times in his 25 year career! 3. He will talk about bananas, art and humanity, how we are dumbing down our children and that we are stuck because we are working at 10% of our creative capacity.

Hear this from a guy who after having worked for great global organisations like Dow Jones Markets, The Times/Sunday Times and Bloomberg Media, in top leadership positions, has gone completely MAD now!! He will share his MADness with you. If you are intrigued and want to know more then you should join us at 5-6.30 pm on March 20th. At least you will have some fun!!

Click here to download the flyer for more information.

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