SKY- WAY TO SUCCESS by Santosh Joshi

Greetings from THRF!! Please join us on Wednesday 19th April for a Presentation and Discussion with Santosh Joshi at "SKY- WAY TO SUCCESS" OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION: Through this programme, Santosh Joshi, throws light on how the negative unresolved emotions create stress and how this stress affects each organ of our body, pushing us in a victim zone. Santosh also gives a 2 minute technique that helps reduce this stress and distress instantly and also makes you experience the same. A 12-minute path-breaking technique that instantly reduces stress and transforms your life at a multi-dimensional level.

  • This technique is short, simple, and can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

  • It uses your body's own mechanism and breath as a powerful healing tool.

  • It is highly effective.

  • It is a powerful technique to stay focused in a stressful environment.

  • Frees you from past doubts and future anxieties making all your attention units available in present time.

  • It is a technique that helps you manifest the life of your dreams.

  • The technique boosts positivity and builds optimism.

TAKE AWAY: This session will not only motivate you but also help gain a deeper understanding of the stress triggers and the dominos effect and empower them to deal with any situation in a positive manner. It will help you manifest your goals, Keep you energetic and motivated and Improve efficiency and productivity, leading you to discover your true potential. ABOUT SANTOSH JOSHI: A mechanical engineer by education, Santosh worked with Indian and international conglomerates for over 17 years before he realized his true calling. Santosh decided to dedicate his life to bring about positive changes and radical evolution in people as a mentor and a Life Coach. With the background of his experience in the corporate world, Santosh did a deep study of human behavioural patterns and responses to various emotional challenges. Santosh developed the new-age technique that can be done in just 12 minutes and named it SKYTM. This therapy brings down stress levels instantly and is also effective in dealing with emotional, mental and physical issues. Santosh has written three books namely, KEYS - The secret to a happy and regret-free life and Many Lives One Soul - Keys to deeper secrets and the latest SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT (to be released on 15th April 2017). Both his first books have become best-sellers. Date: 19th April 2017 (Wednesday) Registration & Networking: 6.00 - Presentation starts: Venue: Wollongong University (UoWD), Knowledge Village, Block 15, The Auditorium on the ground floor. Fee for Guests: AED100 To Register please email:

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