MILLENNIALS by Kais Badran

Greetings from THRF!! Please join us on Wednesday 3rd May for a Presentation and Discussion with Kais Badran at on, "MILLENNIALS" OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION: On average Millennials now hold one in every three jobs, and with this new wave of workers comes a new philosophy for training, developing and managing.

  • Why are Millennials and Gen Z different?

  • What is the impact of Millennials on the market?

  • Are we managing, developing and motivating Millennials in the right way?


  • Practical tools to motivate and communicate with Millennials

  • Ideas to manage their performance

  • Develop a training programme for Millennials

ABOUT KAIS BADRAN: Kais is a leading Learning & Development consultant, coach and facilitator with over 21 years of experience in the learning and development industry and luxury retail. Within the retail industry, Kais has trained thousands of people across 97 nationalities in 30 countries and 60 brands that include LVMH, PPR and Armani Group and he led the training for the first Bloomingdales store outside the USA. Kais has established himself as a business coach and a creative speaker, drawing on his involvement in leading projects globally. He uses his experience in coaching, retail, media and entrepreneurship to develop powerful training that helps companies and individuals to achieve success. Kais engages his audiences both emotionally and intellectually through presenting living experience, strong visual illustrations and heartfelt stories. Date: 3rd May 2017 (Wednesday) Registration & Networking: 6.00 - Presentation starts: Venue: Wollongong University (UoWD), Knowledge Village, Block 15, The Auditorium on the ground floor. Fee for Guests: AED100 To Register please email:

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