SIPs (Sales Incentive Plans)” by Global Remuneration expert Robert Mosley

Greetings from THRF!! The Human Resources Forum are pleased to invite you to be a part of our session on “SIPs (Sales Incentive Plans)” on Tuesday, 16th May at 6:00 p.m. by Global remuneration expert Robert Mosley. This event is FREE for all THRF Members. “SIPs (Sales Incentive Plans)” OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION “SIPs (Sales Incentive Plans)”

  • What are SIPs (Sales Incentives Programmes)?

  • Understanding the different types of sales employees (hunters, farmers, gatherers)

  • Managing the mixture of fixed pay versus variable pay within the total cash package

  • Expressing on-target bonuses as a percentage of annual basic salary (the “HR” approach)

  • Expressing on-target bonuses as a percentage of annual total cash (the “Sales” approach)

  • Designing SIPs for “hunters/farmers/gatherers” (sales)

  • Understanding and managing the key fulcrum points for SIPs:

  • Setting the “threshold” or “minimum” level

  • Setting the “on-target” or “100%” level

  • Setting the “stretch” or “ceiling” level

  • Expressing SIPs as a “percentage commission” scheme

  • Open Q&A session

ABOUT ROBERT MOSLEY: Robert Mosley is a Global Remuneration Expert and he is the CEO of his own company called Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, and a Trainer and he is also a Master Trainer and member of the Reward Advisory Board for CIPD. He is widely recognised in many industries and countries as one of the leading global experts on compensation and benefits in all sectors across the GCC, and is also a leading expert in the field of human resources. Robert has 31 years of experience in HR and C&B, of which 25 years have been in the Middle East. He was the head of the Middle East practice with Hay Group before joining the Emirates Group and later promoted to the role of SVP Human Resources. He spent 13 years with Emirates Group. He is currently working with over 400 companies in the Middle East and 80 airlines globally. Robert is a founding member of "Dubai HR Forum" and a visiting lecturer on MBA programmes at leading business schools. He is also a remuneration advisor to many Remuneration Committee (RemCo) in both the UK and GCC. Date: 16th May 2017 (Tuesday) Registration & Networking: 6.00 - Presentation starts: Venue: Wollongong University (UoWD), Knowledge Village, Block 15, The Auditorium on the ground floor. Fee for Guests: AED100 To Register please email:

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