THRF Event: "START YOUR NEW YEAR IN THE RIGHT WAY" by Dr. Justin Kennedy on 10th Jan 2018

Dear Members, Happy New Year & Greetings from THRF!! Please join us for our first presentation of 2018 on Wednesday, 10th January with Prof. Dr. Justin James Kennedy at at Amity University, DIAC "START YOUR NEW YEAR IN THE RIGHT WAY" OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION: When was the last time you said, "I couldn't be happier..."? Being a scholar of happiness, sometimes requires a shocking dose of reality. Your brain is designed to be skeptical and find all things negative! Yes, it is a fact and to make it worse - Depression peaks today as most people feel they failed in some area. Find out how to have a REALLY Happy New Year – Make 2018 THE BEST Year of Your Life.

You will also learn how to use new FDA cleared medical grade technology to enhance happiness.

IN THIS SESSION YOU WILL LEARN: * Which question do you usually ask yourself on Jan 1st ?

  • Did I reach the goals I set in last year?

  • What did I fail to achieve last year?

  • Who made me unhappy last year?

* The How To Be Seriously Happy Tool-Box . * You can't trick your brain to be happy! You need to present evidence. ABOUT DR. JUSTIN JAMES KENNEDY: Prof. Kennedy is a globally recognized TEDx presenter, Thought Leader & Executive Coach in Organizational Neuroscience and Talent Development. His corporate career was interrupted by a motorbike accident, which left him in a coma. His head was swollen larger than a watermelon and his body was left paralyzed. After several brain surgeries and a lengthy recovery process he learned what was needed to reboot his brain to walk and talk again. With strict discipline and endless willpower he presented a PhD thesis based on his research in neuroscience in Switzerland several years later. He is the developer of the N3 Coaching model. Prof Kennedy has published innumerable corporate studies that demonstrate how to apply neuroscience in coaching. His work is based on brain data to ensure medically measurable results. He is a Business School Professor in Coaching with Monarch University, Switzerland and he is member of the Neuroscience Research Group management committee at the University of Pretoria. Date: 10th January 2018 (Wednesday) Registration & Networking: 6.00 - Presentation starts: Venue: Amity University, New Campus, Seminar Hall, Ground floor, DIAC (LOCATION MAP) To Register please email:

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