Webinar: "Get Paid to Speak"

Dear Members,

Greetings from THRF!!

THRF in collaboration with Motivaluate are pleased to invite you to attend our webinar on 16th Nov 2020.

Do you have dreams of becoming a paid speaker?

Discover how to monetize your expertise to become a highly sought-after professional speaker. Speaking is the fastest way to get exposure and build credibility. It's how every great movement began.


  1. 10 tips to become a paid professional speaker.

  2. What works and what doesn't work with paying audiences.

  3. Cut your learning curve to monetize your expertise.


  1. The Four Rules of Audience Engagement

  2. Unraveling the Communicator's Conundrum

  3. The E.Y.E Principle

  4. The Coffee Shop Conversation Method and many many many more...

DATE:Monday, 16th Nov 2020

TIME: 7.pm - 8.pm GST

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